Solar WIFI Tree for charging station

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Solar WIFI Tree for charging station  

Location / Country : China
Product Solutions: MA960
High-powered industrial LTE&WCDMA WIFI operating system
Project Introduction
Recently, the customer installed the latest research and development of solar charging station in Xiamen Huandao  road, Xiamen Convention and exhibition center as well as Huandao road SHUFA square. It consist of solar power generation system, lighting features, and equipped with 4 USB charging ports which is available for mobile phone and other digital products charging, meanwhile provide free WIFI.
System Requirements
solar power generation system
lighting features
4 USB charging ports
M2M-ACME Solution
M2M-ACME’s  MA960 is a vehicle WIFI new media operating terminal and it integrates the advanced
3G/4G/WIFI communication GPS/beidou(optional) positioning technology, local large-capacity
storage and multimedia advertising push technology.     
In this case, the user will first find the WIFI near the Solar WIFITree , then the phone will auto connect the WIFI and pop up the advertising page. After watch a few seconds of the advertising, he can enjoy freely the local videos, news, music, games, and quickly connecting the
Internet, etc. As customers has applied the latest 4G wifi router, the wireless internet access is quick and safe and get positive feedback from users.    
From now on, no longer worry about phones out of power and no WIFI while you enjoying your time in Huandao road.
The Solar WIFI Tree have been applied in China, France, and England.
And the customer will apply more park in all over the world.

●  Advertisement push 
●  3G/4G Router as WIFI hotspot
●  Provide powerful business platform for equipment management, content management and release, report management, user behavior statistics analysis, authority management, alarm management, billing system (optional) and other functions
●  Email or cellphone No. to verify for free WIFI 
●  Local entertainment (APP,movies,musics,games) by WIFI
●  No limited ads
●  Data storage with SSD, ensure the data security and stability on high speed read and write
●  Support SSD(Solid State Disk) and TF card for local storage ( TF card is optional )
●  Support traffic statistics. Support monitoring of device traffic, user traffic and online duration monitoring.
M2M-ACME Benefits
Content Update, Data Analysis, Form Management, Secure Access Management, Device Statue Monitoring, Software Remote Upgrade
News, Video, Music, Favorable Advertisement, App Distribution, Chat on Line
Wechat Login, Phone Number Login, Email Address Login, Support App Client, Support Portal Local Pushing