Router for Query machine self-service

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The rapid development of science and technology, brings public’s life into digital information age, and the application of query machine is more and more popular, is gradually applied to every aspect of our daily life. Such as, business hall, postal service hall, tax collection hall, street, office building, airport, station, bank, museum, library, exhibition, hospital, hotel and so on.

Query machine self-service terminal  ATM based on Internet, wireless network, to provide newest information for the public, the user through the active click or scan to get detailed information. Our company with its rich experience and excellent industrial products in IOT filed, to establish a good relationship of cooperation with query machine manufacturers, and make the query machine self-service terminal networking solution. MA660 3G industrial router in the past two years have been widely used Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang.

M2M-ACME query machine self-service terminal networking solution is consists of a query machine, MA660 3G industrial router and back-end management platform to establish VPN connection, the terminal query machine and management platform are in the same network, query machine self-service terminal can communicate directly with the management platform server. Business data generated by query machine will directly through the communication channel transferred to center server management platform.

ATM solution
M2M-ACME 3G industrial router MA660, using high-performance industrial 32 bit processor and wireless module, has high working environment adaptability. Embedded real-time operating system as the software platform, and provides 1 RS232 (or RS485/RS422), 1 Ethernet LAN, can connect serial device and Ethernet device at the same time. To realize the functions of data transmission routing, high intelligent degree, and greatly reduce the workload of installation, maintenance, save cost.