Toy machine Wireless transmission

标签: GPRS cellular terminal
Toy machine- Wireless transmission application case 
Location : Hong Kong
Product Solutions:
High-powered industrial GPRS cellular terminal device
Project Introduction
There are many toy machines at the mall, people can get the toy when they put coins in the machines.Our M2M-Acme’s cellular terminal device can transfer those state parameters and the center will send commands to let the machines work automatically.
System Requirements
·Combine with sensors to transfer state parameters in real-time.
·RS232/RS485 port for connection.
M2M-ACME Solution
Cellular terminal device MA220 provides data transfer function by public GPRS network, it supports RS232 and RS485(or RS422, optional). MA220 supplies 5 I/O channels, 3 digital inputs/outputs and 2 analog inputs. And it supports multi data center and it can support 5 data centers at the same time.
MA220 had been installed to customer’s sites now, and our products combined with the sensors have worked well at the scene. The M2M-ACME MA220, as well as the entire M2M-ACMEcellular terminal devices, can supply the wireless data transmission solution in a easy way.

High-Availability Wireless Control
·Provides data transfer function by public cellular network,
·Maximum security transmission in real-time.
·Monitoring and Remote Access.
M2M-ACME Benefits
·Wide Operating Temperature: -35~+75ºC, applicable to most of industrial site.
·Low consumption: 50~90mA@12VDC while working, 25mA@12VDC                      when standby.
·Support online trigger in a variety of ways, including SMS,ring and data.