Automatic Weather Station

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Automatic Weather Station Based On GPRS network
In recent years, weather monitoring has become increasingly automated. An unmanned weather observation station is normally equipped with an automated weather system consisting of the following main components:

A suite of meteorological sensors housed in instrument shields and connected to a field processing unit (data-logger) by means of shielded cables

A field-processing unit (data-logger) of data acquisition, processing, storage and data transmission;

Peripheral equipment such as stabilized power supply, M2M-ACME GPRS IP modem MA220, built-in-diagnostics and local terminals for manual entry, data editing and display.


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The Cellular IP Modem provide secure, high speed, reliable wireless internet connection for customers, which are all embedded real time operating system, and integrated with common protocols, such as TCP/IP/UDP, etc. It is quite convenient for you trigger IP Modem to be online by audio, SMS and data. In addition, they all support double or several data centers for data collection.
All devices are ideal for applications, such as PLC based automation, Automatic Meter Reading, Power/water supply/street light remote monitoring and control, weather data acquisition, environmental protection, information display board, flood alarm, hydrological analysis, etc.