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  • Q5. Unable to enter the configuration webpage with router co
    A 1) Make sure the ethernet cable is connected to LAN port(or ETH port for router with one ethernet port). 2) Check if the local IP of computer is in the same subnet with the router. Or you can set the computer to obtain IP automatically. 3)
  • QSimple Troubleshooting for M2M-ACME Router and Modem
    A 1. Power indicator is off with router power up. 1) Check if the power adaptor of the router is normal. 2) Check the power of the power adapter. The standard power adapter we provide is DC 12V/500 mA (power supply scope of the modem is DC
  • Q10. Can’t upgrade firmware on router webpage.
    A 1) Try to upgrade firmware with router firmware upgrade tool via console port. Refer to router firmware upgrade instructions . 2) There are three ways to upgrade firmware. (1) webpage (2) console port(3) remote management platform(router ne
  • Q9. Can the antenna be placed in airtight space or iron box
    A Signal will be greatly attenuated or shielded when the antenna is in airtight space or iron box. This will seriously affect the quality of network and communication quality. So its suggested to extend the antenna outside the box.
  • Q8. The functionality of the reset button.
    A When customer cant login the router wepage or forgot the router LAN IP, customer can use this button to return to factory default. Router will be reset to factory default after long press on Reset button for 15 seconds or so and it will res